Shannon Falls, August 2012

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Greatest Faults

I sincerely hate that one of my greatest faults is my jealousy (and David, when you read this and want to know what I am referring to, I'm not telling you...because you will only roll your eyes and shake your head at me and tell me I'm crazy). I swear my eyes glow neon green the majority of the time.

I know the issue(s) I'm struggling with right now are ones I just have to get over. I also know that while I have the most important job in the world as a mother, sometimes, I feel like I'm just a mother. Nothing special, no special gifts or talents, I'm just an afterthought. I work my tail off and for what? To be two steps behind everyone else because I must put more attention on my child right now (which I wouldn't trade for anything). And no one seems to understand that. So I'll just continue working on my issues.


The Haines said...

Jamie- I think we all (as mothers) go through that a lot.. just feeling like a mother. I think its completely normal..and I believe God can do more teaching during this time than he ever has with me! I am more dependent on him for everything.. for my emotional, physical and financial needs. Your hard work and selfless love will reap many blessings.. just wait. I know you are a wonderful mother to that cutie pie!