Shannon Falls, August 2012

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Busy Bee

I'm not even sure where to start with the past few days/weeks. I don't have any exciting revelation to post or any awesome news, but I felt like I needed to update with what's been going on.

There was a mix-up with soccer at school, so I don't know if Pia will play and I'll be a true "soccer mom" or not. Long story.
Hayden is BUSY! He's loving school and this morning, even pushed me away after he gave me a hug. That was my cue to leave!

David is coaching PeeWee football and is practicing 3 nights/wk right now.

School is, well, school. I don't have my Promethean (it's on backorder), and the kids don't give a flying hoot about actually trying. Makes days very interesting. We're also having parent conferences pretty much every day, then I stay after my final bell until Pia gets out of school and we grab Hayden and head home to fix supper, do laundry, etc.

We've kept Pia pretty busy, especially on the weekends. This past weekend for Labor Day we decided to take her to Lambert's. She l.o.v.e.s bread, so we thought it would be perfect! It was (and it was a beautiful Sunday...we went post-church) perfect. Her only complaint was the amount of food we saw as we passed tables when we left. A few pictures below...