Shannon Falls, August 2012

Monday, February 28, 2011

Helper & Hurricane

Hayden is my helper. He is also truly a "hurricane." Cleaning is one of my most frustrating things right now. I am typically a very organized and spotless woman; much of these traits changed after giving birth to my fabulous little man. I still try to maintain a clean house, but there are Hayden handprints, well, e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e! We live in a house filled with windows! And every one of them has a toddler print on it, even though I just cleaned them all! Oh, well. I wouldn't change it!

One of the things I love most about Hayden is his sensitive heart and helping nature. He l.o.v.e.s to help Mommy clean out the dishwasher. We include plenty of praise, too. Hayden will gladly throw trash in the trash can and put dirty clothes in the hamper. Toys are a matter we're working on! Some days he happily picks up his toys; most days? It's like pulling teeth.

I don't know what else to say about this boy except that he has my heart. Oh sure...we're hitting the 2 year mark and feeling it. But I wouldn't trade being a mommy for anything!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

BIG Boy Bed

We finally caved. We have graduated Hayden to a "big boy bed!" I'm sure many of you are thinking, "He's almost 2! Why have they waited so long?!" We procrastinated on this decision for awhile for a number of reasons:

1. Though he could escape from his crib, he had only done so twice. So we were fairly positive that every time we put him to bed, he was not going to make a surprise appearance!

2. We had Pia (our German exchange student) with us for 5 months. She fit our family perfectly, but having her with us did mean quite a few changes in our household and schedule, and keeping him in his present bed was one less upset.

3. We weren't sure if we wanted to go to a toddler bed or a twin as our next step. We settled on a toddler bed when we found one that matched his current bedroom furniture that was a good deal.

4. And finally, we are selfish. At least with Hayden's crib, we knew he was contained (no, we didn't leave him in there kicking and screaming or "abuse" him with the crib); those mommies out there know what I mean) until we retrieved him.

So how did night 1 go? Well, we had spent the day in Mobile visiting David's mom and sister. Hayden stayed with them while we had an early Valentine's lunch and shopped a bit. By the time we arrived home, David decided to put the bed together, which may not have been a good thing because we were all tired, especially Hayden. And bless my husband's heart, he can't follow picture directions well! Hayden and I curled up on mommy and daddy's bed and watched "Snow White" on tv while daddy worked. Or at least we thought he was working! Finally, David called for me because he needed help, and he was really no further along than when we had left the nursery 30 minutes before. So after an hour+ of putting together/taking apart (told you he couldn't read picture directions!) we had an easy-to-assemble toddler bed!

We went through a bedtime routine, put Hayden down, and I stayed on the floor beside him. He tossed and turned, sat up, laid down, looked at me, etc. David had heard enough after about 25 minutes of me talking to him, telling him to lie down, etc., that he came in, sent me out, laid Hayden down, stood by the door for about 5 minutes and then came out. Hayden didn't make another peep! I think bedtime is now daddy's domain!

This morning, we heard Hayden talking and playing. We were sure he had gotten out of bed and was exploring his new-found freedom. After almost 45 min., we ventured to his room to find him still sitting/standing on his bed! He believed daddy last night when David told him not to get off the bed, that's for sure! We had to tell him 3 times he could get up and off the bed. All in all, night 1 was a success--no falls or waking up. Here's to hoping he learns to go to sleep as easily in her new bed as he did in his crib (that was a dream! No pun intended.)!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lyin' or Lion?

Yesterday morning, Hayden told me he had done something when he really hadn't. When I (sort of) jokingly told him we needed to have a discussion on lyin' (yep, I'm from the South; no G), all Hayden heard was "lion." Thus, he turned a huge smile on me and let out a massive, "ROAR!" All I could do was laugh!