Shannon Falls, August 2012

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Ever just look down or in a mirror one day and realize you're fat? I have many of those days, but yesterday I realized something. With my crazy schedule and now helping Pia, going to the gym hasn't been very possible. (I'm sorry, but I'm exhausted by the time Hayden goes to bed and after being up since 5!). Well, I stay an hour to an hour and a half once my school day ends to wait for Pia. I've been doing lesson plans and working on my room every day. After a bit, I get tired of my 4 cinderblock walls! While waiting yesterday in the truck, I saw a kid running and I thought, "Hmmm...I could bring workout clothes and walk/jog for a bit while I wait. Maybe even just a few days a week?"

I don't expect any drastic change, and it's still sweltering hot, but it ought to help! I haven't been to the gym in over a month, and I don't foresee that working out soon, but now maybe I won't be just sitting on my behind waiting on Pia every day!

At least maybe I'll feel better about myself some again!!


Suzy Q Daniel said...

You go girl! I hate to exercise, but once I've done it, I always feel so much better. My B/P has dropped too. Not that I was having trouble, but it's back to the lower range of what it should be. Take care,

Lisa Eirene said...

I can understand what you mean...I tell people I woke up one day and was 250 pounds. It's weird how the weight just "appears" or maybe it's more...I finally noticed it?

Katie A. said...

I have a hard time making myself exercise, but it is so very true that exercising brings about more energy. It's amazing how much better I feel even after just walking for 30 minutes!