Shannon Falls, August 2012

Friday, February 26, 2010


Well, world, I've finally done it! I've finally realized that I can get my belly up off the floor and crawl on my knees. Man, was I ever proud of myself! You should have seen the look of shock on Mommy's face. I still drop at times and do my old reliable army man crawl, but being up isn't too bad! I finally accomplished this feet at about 5:30 PM, Friday, February 26. I've gotten up on my knees for some time now, but I had yet to propel myself forward...until tonight. I have loved sleeping up on my knees, but crawling had to be mastered and I took my sweet time doing it.

However, I've been pulling myself up in my crib, at the edge of the couch, by the end table, on mommy and daddy's pant legs, whatever I can get my little busy hands on for well over a month now, maybe two. As long as I have something for security and balance I can take off! But again, tonight I almost accomplished another major feat immediately after I learned what it was like to be up on my knees: walking! I took one very tentative step before I hit the floor. I want to walk so badly, and I get my arms going, but I just haven't quite grasped balancing and moving. I can lunge well, and I certainly know how to shift my upper body forward, but putting it all together is taking all of my concentration. So look out! I think mommy and daddy are going to have a walker on their hands very, very soon! Crawling is great, but slow. Walking gets me where I want to be and into what I want to be into MUCH faster! Mommy thinks she has stuff put up where it's safe, but somehow I just manage to find it for her. I just want to show her that she hasn't lost anything!

And finally, I have added two more words to my list: cracker and cup. So, world, watch very loud, vocal, busy little boy is off and running!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I'm so sick of thinking things are finally coming together, only to have them fall apart. Now, I realize I'm being a little overdramatic, and my life is not ending. I'm merely inconvenienced. But it's simply more stress on top of what I'm already feeling.

Work has me quite frustrated. I've been spending every spare moment working on this specific set of paperwork. Today all of my team's paperwork was taken to a meeting to be evaluated and to be steered in the right direction. WELL...what did we get told? That the paperwork that we had been GIVEN in August was out of date (okay, this was given by the "official" person who directs this paperwork). We had never been given the updated papers! When was that going to happen? So all this time spent working on 15 sets of paperwork is irrelevant, and we must all start over. I wanted to scream. It's basically March.

I have to find some way to rid myself of this stress.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Our baby boy is so proud of himself! He can quickly and easily pull himself to a standing position, and he loves his microphone rock station. The mic responds to his voice, and he has a blast rocking out for Mommy and Daddy. I don't think Daddy wants a musician, though; just an Alabama linebacker!

Check out other 9 month action shots at Facebook. I can't believe Hayden will be 10 months old tomorrow! First birthday plans are underway!

Monday, February 15, 2010

So Proud

This will be a quick post as Hayden has awoken from his nap. He has learned what he thinks is a great new trick---standing in his crib! The whole side of his crib does not drop or rise, just a foot-long piece across the top latches to hold him in. Well, the pieces for it got lost years ago (it's a family crib that has been shared but still looks amazing!), so we've just been putting off fixing it because the pieces are expensive to replace. Well, the time has DEFINITELY come to find a quick fix (I know, shame on us for waiting!). Yesterday morning Hayden and I stayed home from church because he's stuffy and croupy. I put him down for a nap. Twenty minutes later he was still fussy and I suddenly heard the mobile music come through the monitor. Okay, I thought, he just reached up and yanked on it. NOPE! After another 10 min. or so, he was still fussy and unsettled, so I ventured in, only to find him standing at the edge of the crib playing with the mobile! I scooped him up and just thanked God that he hadn't fallen; we've had 2 incidents where he has slid off the bed. Sigh. Oh, but here's the ghetto-ist part of all! In order to hold the bar up at all last night, I grabbed the first "cord" I could find and wound it through the wooden bars and secured it at each end. What type of cord, you might ask? Oh, that would be a white extension cord! Leave me alone! I was on my own and needed a quick fix!

Hayden's so proud that he can easily pull himself up now. He still isn't overly interested in crawling, except for the army man crawl and he's realized he can get around the entire house now that way. Nothing is safe!

We skipped the usual Holloway get-together at the d'Iberville family Mardi Gras parade yesterday. First of all, David and I care nothing for Mardi Gras--I just love the 3 day break from school! Secondly, Hayden with a cold did not need to be exposed to more wind and cool temps. Thirdly, I despise crowds and we would have had to hold baby boy the entire time. So we took a family nap instead! Then we ventured to Grandma's to hang out with the family.

Even though Hayden is almost 10 months old, we have his 9 month check-up today. I'm curious to see if he's gained any weight since his heart dr. appt. 2 1/2 weeks ago when he was 26.8 lbs. He's not fat, but he sure is solid and long!

And finally, here's our current list of vocabulary (as far as I can remember): Momma, Dada, ball, Belle, back, huh, do, Nana, Papa, more (sometimes), hey, dog, bye-bye, hello (sometimes), and a few other random sounds that haven't quite become words just yet! Oh, it's fun! And he quickly learned how to respond with an entire body "yes" when we tell him "no"!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I'm beginning to think this is the mind of an 8th grader --->

See that? It's a big, EMPTY space. Don't get me wrong, I totally realize I'm stereotyping. But I have also realized that most are incapable of reading (and goodness knows, following) directions, turning a paper over to see if anything is on the back, letting me or any other teacher finish speaking before raising a hand with at least 3 questions (all of which were most likely previously answered, but someone wasn't listening!), getting to class on time, going an entire day with cursing or letting a "That's what she said." fly, and completing an assignment without complaining about it. Because I'm tired, I know I'm leaving something out, but you get my drift.

I'm fairly positive my blood pressure shoots through the roof with my 4th period. I'm so tired of the whining, the blank or missing assignments, and repeating myself at least 8 times per class. Biding my time, that's all I can say.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Worry Lines

I'm sick of worrying. Tired of it. Over it.'s ALL I do. I know Who controls everything, yet right now life just has me down. I feel like I'm at a crossroads in many senses. Seriously thinking about talking to someone besides my poor husband who catches the onslaught of my worry, grief, and tears. Poor guy.

I'm breaking out, gaining weight, turning gray, and getting worry lines...all from stress. That's ridiculous. My life is good; maybe some things could be in better shape, but overall, it's quite good. I know people whose life just stinks; I'm so thankful I don't have those worries. Yet the troubles I do have, I obsess over.

I'm battling jealousy, dissatisfaction, job stress, and financial worries (always, not matter what's in the bank!). But I do need to be positive about one thing especially-- my fantastic husband. He blesses me in small ways every day, but last night he stepped out of his comfort zone, stripped the puke-ridden crib and Hayden (he can't stand throw-up) and slept in the guest room, since Hayden desperately needed one of us. David put him with me in our bed and journeyed down the hall. We could have fit in our bed, but it would have been tight and a very long night. Hayden doesn't normally (or ever, really) sleep in our bed, but poor guy, he needed the proximity last night. So thank you, David, for standing firm and secure when I can't.