Shannon Falls, August 2012

Friday, February 15, 2013

Long-Term Sub

We feel God keeps affirming the decision to leave Canada. We are only in MS about six weeks; on Sunday night, mere hours after we unloaded the car, a local teacher friend messaged me to see if I would be interested in subbing at her school for they are in desperate need. I said sure. David advised me to email a former principal too, just to see my options. She responded first thing the next morning that she needed a long-term sub and asked if could I start immediately. So here I find myself having completed Day 1. It went well, but I can tell I'm not in MY classroom with my materials or my kids. But the time I get rolling good, it'll be time to step out. That's okay, though. I'm very much enjoying being back in the classroom and planning lessons. When we moved to Canada we realized just how much I viewed my classroom as my mission field. My students are my babies, my darlings.

This week was not how I imagined things going, but I'm so thankful God knows best and He provides. It feels good to be busy doing something productive (infer from that what you will). I'm also very thankful it's Friday!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Some of you know exactly what those initials stand for: Dallas/Fort Worth. When we knew it was very likely we were leaving Canada, we began praying through where we'd like to begin building our lives long-term. Through a series of events and circumstances, DFW repeatedly stood out. There are several reasons, but I'll highlight a few.

-David has needed to go back to school since before we were married. Because we had two very good jobs and a very comfortable lifestyle, we put off this huge decision again and again. Now here we were, leaving a country with the door wide open before us. So we began researching and praying about which campus and city would be right for us. And no offense to any NOBTS grads, New Orleans is not the right place for us. Southwestern stuck out for multiple reasons and we are here on campus for a tour, seeing the area, and I'm talking to schools.

-That brings me to another reason for DFW--teaching. Do you have any idea how many districts/schools are in this area? I'm getting into a school system tomorrow that has as many schools as the ENTIRE MS Gulf Coast. Teachers also make a good bit more here which will help off-set some of the cost of David's schooling.

-Finally, we are within a day's driving distance to all of our family in MS or a very short plane ride. This certainly beats being in several airports and at least 5+ hours on airplanes away.

There is quite a bit going on here. We've tried to do a good bit of exploring and looking into opportunities for our family. After our tour today, we feel an even greater peace about our decision. We have several months ahead of figuring things out but God hasn't failed us yet. I wish I had all the answers; so do our families, I suppose! The fact is, we are living more on faith than we ever have before. And like I said, God hasn't let us down yet!