Shannon Falls, August 2012

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Suffice it to say that starting the school year with unfinished buildings was not a good idea. Completely stressful. I still have no Promethean or technology to use for notes. Fine, I can lecture, but it's making things difficult. Computers all around are still not connected or running. I finially made copies late yesterday, but still not everything I needed. The copy machines don't staple so I'm going to make the kids do it because I was not staying any later yesterday! We've already had to redo rosters becuase one class had 31 students! Talk about outnumbered!

Our exchange student arrives at 9 PM Monday night. It'll be interesting working out our schedules since I start school at basically 6:45 and finish at 2:25, and Pia's schedule is from 8:15-3:35. Life's an adventure, right!? Maybe she'll be a good workout partner for me and we can go once the baby's in bed. I had wanted to go immediately after school before picking up Hayden, but I can't get everything planned, copied, and ready in my planning period just yet. Dropping to 7th grade from 8th may be more difficult than I thought!