Shannon Falls, August 2012

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An Addition to the Family

Quick post since I have to get Hayden up and out the door: school starts tomorrow and we are nowhere near ready!! Some folks just got their boxes and furniture yesterday! Building a new high school and renovating 2 complete buildings in one summer was a big undertaking, and did I mention, school starts tomorrow?!

On another note, starting approximately Sunday night, I will be "mom" to a sixteen year old from Germany! We are participating in the International Student Exchange Program, and Pia Louisa Steimann will be joining our family for 5-6 months. She called yesterday and is absolutely thrilled. She heard MS is a beautiful state (hmmm....?) and bless her heart, I tried to explain how hot it is, but I don't think she quit gets it. She also asked of me while we talked (very shyly), "Please don't be too angry if I mess up my English while we are speaking." I was, like, "Honey, I teach middleschoolers. Your English is better than theirs!"

Let the adventure begin!


Belinda said...

Hi, Jamie... I'm a friend of Sara Phillips, and I'm visiting your blog after checking on her.

I'll be very interested in reading about your foreign exchange student experience the next six months. I've always wondered if I would be able to host a child from another country.

(And I've always admired middle school teachers. It takes a special heart to work with teenagers. I'm a "preschool/elementary" person myself... raising three teenagers. Go figure.)

Congratulations on your new addition.