Shannon Falls, August 2012

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas in south MS=HOT (always)

This year we had a rather low-key Christmas (and a hot one! It's been 75 degrees, and it's not changing any time soon!). My folks went out to CA to spend the holiday with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. David is so funny; he just can't resist giving me present early. Christmas morning was calm, then we had lunch with the Olszewski's (pronounce Ole-chef-ski; fun, huh?). Then we headed to Mobile to see his mom and the rest of the Ainsworth crew. We got home about 8 and crashed not long after. We had the Young side gettogether on the 26th, but we won't do the Holloway family Christmas until Jan. 3 (because of work schedules and such). I wanted to post some pics from our Christmas. David got me lots of little items to help me relax and I got him stuff he had mentioned off and on he'd like to have.

David's big gift was his Bama room; he has all this great stuff that I've kept him from putting up, so I framed his magazines and got a shelf and put all his knick-knacks up/around the office.

My gift was this table, mirror, and lamp combo for our entry. I love it! David also got me the pregnancy Willow Tree angel, and his mom got us the family with the newborn figure.

My parents got me more parts to my Willow Tree nativity set. It looks so good on our mantle!

I finally framed our wedding invitation. Erin says I'm nesting already; I must be because I'm playing with decorative stuff all over the house! Curtains, towels, pictures, etc. I can't wait to get Hayden's nursery done. Ugh, but we need EVERYTHING! It has me stressed!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Heat Wave in December (not what you'd think!)

Well, it finally happened. Tyrone has gone into heat (leaving no doubt she's a she!). At first we couldn't figure out what was wrong with her (she wasn't doing the usual stuff I'd heard). So thank goodness for the internet. David started researching, and sure enough, that's what it was! Now on our agenda for the break is a visit to the humane society because we're not going through this every 2-3 weeks! Bless her heart, she looks like she's in pain (all dirty jokes aside, folks), but the internet assures us she's not. Still, we're going to take care of her. We've just been putting it off. No longer!

*I can't believe she's no longer that little! Tyrone's still just as cute. I'll have to get recent pictures up. She hasn't been too bad with the tree, and she loves to laze underneath it. Merry Christmas week, all!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby oh baby

Okay, so honestly, I would doubt I were pregnant if I didn't see Hayden each month on the monitor at the drs. office. Why, you ask? Well, no cravings, no sickness, no "normal" pregnancy symptoms. David repeatedly asks me when I'm going to get cravings and send him out for stuff. Seriously?? You want me wake you up in the middle of the night, husband? And send you out for random food? Ummm, yeah right. I've honestly not just ached (yet) for something specific. If/when I do, anything salty usually cures it. Sweets are great, but I'd rather have something salty. But that's the extent of my 'craving'.

My back hurts some, but not too terribly. My energy is better, so I appreciate that boost. And well, other than random RANDOM dreams (like appearing on game shows), nothing is too out of the ordinary. Oh, and besides going to the bathroom ALL the time, I would really wonder if Hayden was going to be here in about 5 months. But I can't wait for Pee-Wee football and other sports seasons and having to learn about action figures and boy cartoons and all that fun stuff!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nix the pink

Yes, all, nix the pink. And purple. And girlie stuff...for now. The ultrasound tech confirmed today that we're having Hayden William, not Madyson Grace. I must admit, I had gotten very attached to the idea of having a daughter, but now David will have his football buddy. I shouldn't have let myself convince myself that 80% was as good as 100%! Hayden's vitals were perfect and the doctor was pleased I only gained 4 pounds this month. About average, she said. Made me feel better after the 8 I gained last month! YIKES! So bring on the elephants and greens and blues and yellows! Hayden is about 11 ounces. Or as the dr. said, not quite a Coke can yet!

Click on the picture to blow it up and see exactly why the tech told us it's Hayden!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Slap on the hand...

Today I received my first "official" reprimand. I made a judgment call in asking the principal to come speak to my classes (because they are the classes from hell--sorry, but they are). Only when he showed up to do so, he put me on the spot and had me call out those students who were giving me trouble. I just wanted him to put the fear of God into them, not take them out! So those I called out he took to call mom and dad who then had to come to the school! Great. He did this with one class last week then hadn't returned, so I figured things were smoothing over. Well, he returned today. I sent 2 boys out. And then while on lunch duty, my assistant principal comes up to me and lets me know how I should have let her deal with them and we didn't have a paper trail and there were all these other steps to go through. All I could say was, "I'm sorry" and "Yes, ma'am." IT SUCKED. Okay, so I screwed up. But did I - a hormonal, pregnant woman - really need to be told that at the beginning of my lunch duty when I still had to stand in front of a cafeteria full of students? At the end of my duty, the principal came in and asked how things had been with the other class he had spoken to last week. I told him better and then apologized for not following proper procedure with everything. He said, "Who's upset? _____?" I replied affirmatively and he told me not to worry about it. We talked a few more minutes and I felt better, but the whole ordeal did not sit well. So from now on I'll either keep my mouth shut or inundate the office with referrals. I hate getting into trouble. And I was doing so well, too.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hostess I am not

I have officially decided after Thanksgiving Day that I am not a good hostess. Absolutely not. I freak out over little things (my husband will be nodding his head as he reads this). For example, every time I used the restroom I noticed that my decorative towels had been used. HELLO! They're only to look pretty, not to wipe your hands on! That's why there's one hanging right next to the sink---where you just washed your hands. Anyways. Then even though I probably have the largest, most accessible kitchen, it's also the gathering place. It always has been for the Holloways (and I'm assuming for most families as well). Having extra bodies in that space as I tried to keep food heated, set it out, and simply turn around did not work well. I would clear a space for something, open the oven door, grab the hot food, turn back around, and find 4 or 5 cups in my recently cleared space. So while I'm holding the hot dish (cause counter space was at a premium with all the yummies we had), I'm asking someone, anyone, to please move cups or whatever so I can put down the load weighing me down. *Sigh*

Oh, and my favorite---my dear, dear grandmother. Bless her heart, the woman can fix anything-ANYTHING. I'm serious. She's also an amazing cook. You know, one of those who never measures anything and it always turns out perfectly? That's Grandma. It was just that everything I did she had a better method for doing so. I know she was trying to be helpful, but seriously, let me be an adult hosting an event in my own home. I do know a little! I made one of David's favorite cakes recently and took my grandparents some. While their reaction was that it was very good, my Grandma remarked, "Jamie, you just might get the hang of this baking thing." Really? I might? I mean, did she think I was that bad of a cook? I know she means well, but word choice is key. Bless her heart. That's all I can say.

Overall, Thanksgiving at my house went well, I think. I was a little stressed, yes. Everyone coming to you for everything or wanting you to fix this or that gets to you after a while, especially when you're the last one to do anything because you've been getting everyone what they need or want fixed! Okay, I'm done. It was just very nice to have my house back at the end of the holiday, so David and I could quietly watch tv and enjoy the lights on the Christmas tree. Ahhh, peace.