Shannon Falls, August 2012

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"R is for racetrack"

Today Hayden went to his first day of school! It was only for 2 hours (same thing tomorrow) to help him get ready for next week when he'll be there all 5 days, all day. I don't know if I'm ready for that! Hayden seems to be though; he walked right in today and started playing. His teacher said he fussed for just a bit once he realized I was truly gone, but then he was fine. I knew he would be.

His teacher, Ms. Kara, is fantastic! They even did a project today. I have to start a memory box to keep all his goodies in. I know it will overflow amazingly quickly! The project was "R is for racetrack." It's a handdrawn racetrack and the kiddos put beans on the paper to symbolize cars, trucks, etc. It's adorable! *sniffle*

I didn't get very much done in my classroom while he was there, but I was able to scrounge up a long, low bookshelf. It's drying outside in the sun right now.

Can it really be back-to-school time already? (Though I must admit, buying school supplies excites me!)


Amy said...

It must be hard to leave him, but you will love seeing him grown and learn. Children are AMAZING with just how much they absorb!

I also want to wish you the best as you begin another school year! I hope you still get some use out of your bookbag.... ;o) I really enjoyed doing that for you back then. Teachers don't make nearly enough as it is, and they often times have to shell out a bunch of their own money just to make their rooms nice and stock up on supplies....

Here's to a great 2010-11 school year! And if you ever need to vent, you've got your blogger friends to listen.... :o)

Jamie Ainsworth said...

No joke on the shelling out money for your stuff. This year we're either not getting our EEF or state money, one or the other. But I love buying baskets and lamps and notebook paper and stuff!