Shannon Falls, August 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Two Weeks

We have been in Coquitlam for two weeks now. Much has changed in our lives: our routines, our flexibility, our perceptions. It's still taking some getting used, but I think living here is going to be very good for our family.

Tomorrow our last 2 summer missionaries, a brother and sister duo-Chris andShannon, arrive from Kansas City. Shannon will stay with us and Chris will bunk with Conrad and our other summer missionary, Wilson. In July, our "daughter" from Germany is coming to visit for two weeks. I can't wait to see Hayden's reaction to Pia after not seeing her now for 18 months. Pia was our exchange student for 5 months. She fit with our family perfectly.

With so much rain lately, it's been hard to do much outdoors. We've gone to parks when we can, and IKEA has been our best friend. Hayden gets to play free for an hour in this awesome, secure playplace and we can wander through a 2 story, economical housing store and/or have a snack/drink in the cafeteria. You can get a drink for $1 (unheard of!) with FREE refills (even more unheard of!!) in the cafeteria. Hayden gets energy out and we get to actually talk to one another.

Canada Day is next Sunday. I'll do my best to take pictures. It's Canada's version of the 4th of July. The Common Place will have a part at LaFarge Lake--popcorn, ice cream, and a bounce house. Great way to meet our neighbors and those in our community since we're still a few steps away from getting anything up and running. Still praying through activities/opportunities and trying to meet our neighbors.

I'm going to try to make Sundays my official blog time. That way I can just catch up on the previous week on a day that should be fairly restful. Please pray that we'll make solid friendships soon. David and I have been on one 'date'-out to eat alone. Most of our outings will consist of free activites as there is so much to do outside. Tim Horton's is a coffee chain found everywhere. They are super cheap and another great way to meet locals. Have a great week! It's 5:30 here and we still have a solid 4 hours of sunshine ahead!


Amy said...

Two weeks already?? My, the time is flying... I am so glad that you mentioned Pia. Although I never got to meet her, I enjoyed hearing about her stay with y'all in MS and was thinking just the other day how cool it would be for her to come visit y'all in Canada! :o) Continued prayers and well wishes for all!