Shannon Falls, August 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sticker Shock

When David and I were in Vancouver/Coquitlam in December, we did make it a priority to swing through a few grocery stores and take note of grocery prices as compared to the Gulf Coast. However, it's definitely not the same as living here and trying to cook for a larger group.

I just thought prices were high on the Gulf Coast. Don't get me wrong--groceries have definitely gone up at "home." We do have Wal-Mart but even prices there are higher. For example, gummy snacks (10 packs) are approximately $3.87; a 3-pack of popcorn is roughly $2.00. That may not seem high to some of you across the US, but my child is a growing hoss! Oh, and taco seasoning! We were paying $.67 at Wal-Mart in Ocean Springs; add a dollar to that here.

It's just that, as you know, things add up! This summer (for the next 10 weeks) I am cooking for approximately 6 people. Hayden eats what we do, and he can sometimes out-eat me. (They say you can double a boy's height at age 3 to see how tall he'll be when he's older. If this holds true, Hayden should be between 6'8"-7'0"! My dad said he's rather clothe him than feed him!)

David and I sat down today and came up with approximately 2 weeks of meals that can be made cheaply for larger groups. Once it's back to the 3 of us, I have a few things I'll throw into the rotation. We're trying to be smart with our money. Eating out will definitely be a treat, not the norm. I miss things like Chick-fil-A and the dollar menu at McD's. Geez, that makes me sound like I eat out all the time! But you get the idea of where I'm going with all of this.

If you're interested in sending a box :) we have honestly been making a list of stuff that is just outrageous here (or that we can't get).

We hit 70 degrees here today, and you should have seen the kids at the sprinkler park! I know our friends and family at home are sweltering. I hate that, but we finally have a day of sunshine in the ten we've been here. Happy summer!


Heather said...

Welcome to Canada! I just found your blog a while ago and was intrigued that you were moving to my country! And yes our prices are shocking compared to the US. Consider finding your local farmer's market (there should be lots in your area) and a membership at Costco can off set cooking for a group (large container of taco seasoning vs little packages) I know moving such a distance away will take some getting used too! I have friends who moved to western canada from the east coast and even though it's the same country they struggle! Hopefully you meet some great people where you are and that will help with the transition!