Shannon Falls, August 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Slowly ripping off the bandaid

This week has felt like I've been slowly pulling off a bandaid. I admittedly had a meltdown the other night but very few people would understand the specific reason why. I am better now. Change, especially of this magnitude, takes some adjustment. David will be in Boise tonight. Everything really is packed; I have a few things to wrap up but overall, we're ready. It's been taxing repeatedly saying goodbye to people. We've eaten fairly poorly and we're exhausted. Since David left on Saturday, I've been able to say, "I just have to get that done by Wednesday night. I still have time." Well, that time runs out tomorrow. I don't necessarily want to go anywhere but I don't want to stay home. Make sense? I know we're hitting the ground running in Canada, so I feel like there's no rest or complete relaxation in our future. I'm at the point I cry at random stuff at the weirdest times. It's just exhaustion and change. Plus, I know I'm anxious about our flights on Thursday. Hayden has been a pill at times because he can sense everything, too. Once we're settled, I want to hide for a few days!