Shannon Falls, August 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


To have half the space of our former house, I sure am tired. Unpacking is hard work! I want to write a longer post later, but just know Hayden has grown up overnight. The stuff he says! We got through the border fairly easily and just have a few links to work out. Hayden loves to stand on our balcony and introduce himself to everyone who walks by! We have a Canadian bank account and cell phones. We haven't done much exploring on foot yet because I wanted home set up. I miss my ceiling fans and sweet tea! We get internet on Monday so I'll write next week. Until then!


Anonymous said...

Hey dear niece! Have been praying for you guys. Lots of challenges and opportunities going on here too. Perhaps, we can catch up soon. Send me your new contact information when you can. Love you! Great Aunt G