Shannon Falls, August 2012

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Single Mom

David left this morning for 4 days of work in....wait for it...Destin. Tough trip, right? Granted he's not getting to enjoy the sights like we do when we go on vacation, but still, really awful place to have to go for work! :) Us on our last trip to Destin, March 2011.

David will be back Sunday night, and then he'll leave Friday evening for Vancouver, where he's heading up a mission trip. We've known about this trip for months; Destin got dropped on him, but oh well. It's not forever. And Hayden's really a good kiddo, although we're having some issues listening this morning! But he did bring me Elf to watch--one of my all-time favorites to watch, especially in this blistering south MS summer!

It didn't work out for Hayden and I to meet David in Destin, which is a bummer. And all 3 of us are not going to Vancouver because there would be a few days I would have eto keep Hayden at the church where we sleep because the day's activities are not conducive to a 2 YO! Maybe next time.

*On another note: I'm back in the hunt for a job. I don't want to go into details or say anything I'll regret or that will come back to bite me in the butt. Just know that my services are not needed with the preschool and I just found out recently. Great I resigned back in May, huh?! But I'm doing lots of praying, and as my mom said, "Maybe this was the tool to get you out of your comfort zone." Many of you know last year was difficult, and I'm looking at a few different options right now--ones that are probably a trillion times better than I would have ever considered or dreamed. God sure knows what's going to happen, even if I don't!