Shannon Falls, August 2012

Friday, July 22, 2011


So I've come to a conclusion: my son will go pee pee in the potty for just about anyone but me! He's gone 3 times--twice for my niece and once for a worker at church. I mean, seriously?! But I'm quite thankful that he's just going. He's not consistent yet, but that'll come. I've had to start acting like I don't care if he ever learns to go potty (reverse psychology works amazingly on Hayden!). About the time I started that (I wasn't overly pushy to begin with, but this has helped), he began telling other people that he wanted to go potty. He's just over 2; I have to remember that he's fine. I'm very thankful that his teacher at school will help encourage him, but she won't push. Going back to school will probably help immensely as well, especially since his best bud there is potty-trained. Do you know how hard it is not to compare your child?!

I'm trying to enjoy my last few days of freedom before school kicks into high gear. Can't wait to put up pictures of my room! Once David gets back from Vancouver with my camera I'll get some pictures going. Here's to just two more nights of single mommyhood! I'm so ready to see my man!


Heather said...

Do y'all have the Potty Time with Elmo DVD? That helped Mattie.