Shannon Falls, August 2012

Monday, July 18, 2011


Every year I am super anxious to get my classroom set up. I like to have everything I need to set it up from the moment I set foot in the door. This is just not possible, however, because I always forget something or discover I need something else! Thankfully, Wal-Mart is thisclose this year to my new school. I already have a small list of stuff I need to get there, as well as Big Lots. Not much, just odds and ends. And until I see my room tomorrow, I'm not sure about a few things I'll need. I'm sure you guys really don't care to read all that; it's just my thoughts going haywire!

I love my classroom--it's bright and cheery and I've really been able to get lots of good stuff for it over the past 3 years. I have these cool lanterns and lights and flashy colors. Some of them are starting to show their wear and tear, but with just the right placement, no one ever knows!

I may be asking for trouble, but I'm taking Hayden with me tomorrow. I have someone to keep him Wed. and Thurs., but with him having to go back to daycare so soon, I'm unwilling to give up every afternoon with him. Oh, and give me some feedback---I've been looking at daycares in Ocean Springs; there are 2 I think are the best in the city, but I've been drawn back to where Hayden was last year. PROS? It's cheaper, he loves it, his friends are there, he knows the routine, we all know his teacher, and I get 2 weeks to keep him home without paying whenever I so choose. CONS? It's a little out of the way now for me and I'll definitely have to make sure not to run too late leaving my school. However, I have nearly double the planning period, so surely I shouldn't need to stay too late each day, right? Especially not if all the English teachers are planning together, right? I don't know; I just can't see uprooting him more than I already have; he thrived at this daycare. He learned like crazy and was happy. That counts for something, I'm sure!

Anyway, the beginning of school is just around the corner. And I want new school clothes! :)