Shannon Falls, August 2012

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gotta Pray

I'm daily amazed at our son. We are striving to set a solid, Godly example for him, and it must be working. Tonight as I was putting Hayden to bed, I was in a hurry since our back-to-school morning routine starts bright and early. We had read our Bible story, were in the process of changing the diaper, and on our way to grabbing a book (he reads on his own before he sleeps). I told him, "C'mon, baby. Let's go. Get in bed so Mommy can cover you up." So he climbed on the bed but refused to lie down. He firmly, but sweetly, reminded me, "Gotta pray, Momma. Gotta pray." I honestly had completely forgotten we needed to say our prayers in my haste to get him to sleep. I love that he already WANTS to talk to Jesus!


Shanda said...

This is so sweet. You are doing a great job with him.

Susan said...

Isn't it pure joy when you see your children begin to desire God for themselves? What a precious moment!