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Monday, September 13, 2010

The "Write" Direction

I am so excited about an idea I have; I can only hope it takes off with my students!!

A few weeks ago I thought about having my students write letters to our troops. Tonight I took the first step in emailing "Soldier's Angels" about getting my students started. It will be great if soldiers respond and the kids really get into writing to them. I'm hoping my excitement will carry through to them!

If things go well, I'd love to get care packages together around Thanksgiving/Christmas and mail to some units. Even if we don't get much, we can at least send some things with our thoughts and prayers. I know I'll have to be careful how I handle jumpstarting this idea, as I have some parents who think nearly everything we do is "rubbish," but my kids need to write and I want them to feel like they're writing for a purpose, not just to please Mrs. Ainsworth!

I've been bouncing things off Pia all afternoon about this idea. One of my thoughts was that if someone from our area returns home before school is out, we can have him/her come speak to my classes. Maybe something one of my students says will touch one or more of our troops. How great would it be to get 147 letters from some random middle schoolers?! Oh, I really hope this comes together!


Kathi said...

Wishing you the best of luck, I think this is a Wonderful idea!! and yes, every soldier will tell you that letters from kids are the best:)
A member of Soldiers Angels