Shannon Falls, August 2012

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mrs. Aniston

Yep, that's right...apparently I'm no longer Mrs. Ainsworth. I've become Jennifer. The afternoon worker at Hayden's school calls me Mrs. Aniston every day. I've yet to correct her hoping she'd notice. I've also been Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Armstrong, too. Whatever.

On a funnier note, here are some Hayden stories from school:

1. Yesterday he hugged me good-bye then promptly pushed me away so he could play when I dropped him off. I'm glad he's settled in well.

2. A few weeks back a kid bit my son's shoulder and left perfect teeth marks. Hayden was taken care of and the other child was isolated from everyone else. However...the next day I went to pick Hayden up and couldn't see him in the room. Finally, I spotted him at the table with a toy. He was happy as a clam. I just looked at the worker and said, "What'd he do?" She smiled and said, "Well, Mrs. Aniston, we had a bit of a problem. He took a toy from another child and then hit the child, so we had to isolate him." Aah. Gotcha. So we had a "talk" on the way home with Pia as a witness, then I made Hayden tell Daddy what he'd done. When he paused for a breath, I said, "Go on, tell him everything!" We laughed after he went to bed, but I want him to know he will be held accountable for his actions.

3. Then this most recent Friday I picked him up a little earlier than normal. Everyone was having snack, but while all of the other children were at the table, Hayden was in the high chair. Now I know my son is a beast so I figured he had gotten too big for the table. But no. He was in the high chair because he apparently likes to steal others' snacks! Yep, that's my son. And he's usually so good about sharing too. The joys of toddlerhood.

4. His favorite body part is the belly button. He doesn't give a hoot about his nose, eyes, ears, fingers or toes! And watch out! He just may try to find your belly button by raising your shirt!

I love my son. I get so excited when I get to pick up up at the end of each day. And Elmo is his latest obsession. Thanks to a co-worker of David we have a ton of new videos to watch!