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Monday, February 15, 2010

So Proud

This will be a quick post as Hayden has awoken from his nap. He has learned what he thinks is a great new trick---standing in his crib! The whole side of his crib does not drop or rise, just a foot-long piece across the top latches to hold him in. Well, the pieces for it got lost years ago (it's a family crib that has been shared but still looks amazing!), so we've just been putting off fixing it because the pieces are expensive to replace. Well, the time has DEFINITELY come to find a quick fix (I know, shame on us for waiting!). Yesterday morning Hayden and I stayed home from church because he's stuffy and croupy. I put him down for a nap. Twenty minutes later he was still fussy and I suddenly heard the mobile music come through the monitor. Okay, I thought, he just reached up and yanked on it. NOPE! After another 10 min. or so, he was still fussy and unsettled, so I ventured in, only to find him standing at the edge of the crib playing with the mobile! I scooped him up and just thanked God that he hadn't fallen; we've had 2 incidents where he has slid off the bed. Sigh. Oh, but here's the ghetto-ist part of all! In order to hold the bar up at all last night, I grabbed the first "cord" I could find and wound it through the wooden bars and secured it at each end. What type of cord, you might ask? Oh, that would be a white extension cord! Leave me alone! I was on my own and needed a quick fix!

Hayden's so proud that he can easily pull himself up now. He still isn't overly interested in crawling, except for the army man crawl and he's realized he can get around the entire house now that way. Nothing is safe!

We skipped the usual Holloway get-together at the d'Iberville family Mardi Gras parade yesterday. First of all, David and I care nothing for Mardi Gras--I just love the 3 day break from school! Secondly, Hayden with a cold did not need to be exposed to more wind and cool temps. Thirdly, I despise crowds and we would have had to hold baby boy the entire time. So we took a family nap instead! Then we ventured to Grandma's to hang out with the family.

Even though Hayden is almost 10 months old, we have his 9 month check-up today. I'm curious to see if he's gained any weight since his heart dr. appt. 2 1/2 weeks ago when he was 26.8 lbs. He's not fat, but he sure is solid and long!

And finally, here's our current list of vocabulary (as far as I can remember): Momma, Dada, ball, Belle, back, huh, do, Nana, Papa, more (sometimes), hey, dog, bye-bye, hello (sometimes), and a few other random sounds that haven't quite become words just yet! Oh, it's fun! And he quickly learned how to respond with an entire body "yes" when we tell him "no"!


runningwithsass said...

can't believe how big he is getting!