Shannon Falls, August 2012

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shopping Cart

Today we reached another milestone: Hayden riding in the shopping cart! Since we had to change to a convertible carseat before Hayden was sitting unassisted for any period of time, I could never go shopping with him by myself. Someone had to accompany me to push him in the stroller while I pushed the cart or vice versa. However, today, no one could go with me to Target, so I thought, "Shoot! We have to try it at some point and see where we stand!" So off we went. I strapped him in well, shoved my jacket next to him for extra cushion (he was leaning because he was pretty tired), and around the store we went. Hayden got fussy only when we stopped so I could look at something! I know he loves being up and able to see everyone and everything. I also know we're not ready for an hour-long shopping trip like this just yet, but I would definitely say today was a success! What a relief!