Shannon Falls, August 2012

Thursday, December 24, 2009


It's Hayden's 1st Christmas Eve, and at 5:09 tonight, he'll be 8 months old! Goodness!

We're also thisclose to crawling. He has all the power, he's just not sure how to harness it and make the legs and arms work together.

Hayden is an incessant jabberer/babbler, too! So we're working even now on words and vocabulary and pitch and different sounds. And he definitely talks with his eyes; poor thing, again just like his momma, he won't be able to hide his feelings or emotions from his face. No poker for us!

Tonight is the Christmas Eve service at church and then it's back to our house for pizza and dominoes. Tomorrow is Christmas morning spent just the 3 of us seeing what Santa left, then off to mom's for lunch and presents with the sister and brother-and-law, nephew, and grandparents (both sets), and finally more presents and family at our house tomorrow night with the Ainsworth crew. I'm tired already!