Shannon Falls, August 2012

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just Getting Started

While we can't wait for the years to come when Santa really makes a visit and Hayden really gets into the swing of Christmas, it's also very nice that nearly all of his gifts are hanging out on our loveseat and he has no idea. David and I just started shopping for him this evening. I think we snagged all of his big items, but we still have stocking stuffers and smaller knick-knacks to purchase. We're really focusing on manipulatives and books; I read to him the other night and he just got still. I'm glad he enjoys reading and being read to. There are a few things we especially want to find, like a Santa plate (so we can leave out cookies and carrots/reindeer food Christmas Eve) and a Polar Express book. David wants to read him Polar Express and the Christmas story every year, so we're working on establishing those traditions now. I've told my parents that if anyone (like the aunts/uncles/ grandparents) asks about clothes, we would prefer gift cards rather than actual clothes. I know people understand Hayden is a big boy, but at the same time, I don't think they really grasp how difficult it is to clothe the boy! Even his 12 mo. onesies barely snap because they're too short! And we can no longer do "footie-pjs" because they're basically too short no matter the size, it seems. But I digress.

I have to start shopping for David. I have some ideas, but my husband doesn't know what he wants Santa to bring him so he's no help! And normally, he guesses every year what I've gotten him. It never fails, he reads my mind. Thanks to Hayden, all of the immediate family members we would shop for are taken care of.

Upcoming events: We have a family Christmas picture to take, a first visit to Santa to make, and lots of goodies to bake! Merry Christmas, all!