Shannon Falls, August 2012

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Today I am simply feeling misplaced.

I am not a military wife.

I am not a size 4, or even 10.

I am not pregnant with baby #2, nor am I still only a wife (meaning I could come and go as so desired, at least easier, before I became a mommy).

I am not certain about a couple things (decisions, not relationship worries).

I am not as involved as I want to be, yet in one sense I don't want to be involved more at all.

I know this doesn't seem like much to many, or all, of you, but there are so many thoughts jumbled in my head I fail to find the words to express them. And some issues I don't have the liberty to discuss yet. I once missed college terribly...that feeling passed. Right now I greatly miss friends and our former Sunday School class 6 hours away. Is it just me or does the Coast feel almost like a retirement community in a sense, not family-friendly? Told you I couldn't put my feelings into words. I am just out of place right now.


Anonymous said...

While we all feel 'displaced' at various times, you are fearlessly and wonderfully made and are at just the right place at the perfect time! We don't always know our purpose at the time we are carrying out His perfectly timed plan. I do know that you are a wonderful loving compassionate person whom I love dearly! Happy New Year!

Katina Bradley said...

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