Shannon Falls, August 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012

It's Done?

Seriously? It's the end of 2012? I've been seeing many year in review posts, and I realized I should probably recap my own year--just to have, you know? Since I don't feel like being super introspective, I'll simply hit the highlights!

Last Christmas break-April brought sorting, storing and selling everything we owned. EVERYTHING. We have a couch and loveseat in storage in addition to our personal effects.

In May we moved in with my parents because we knew we were leaving the first week(s) of June. I finished the school year and on June 2, David and our friend Mo pulled out to cross the country and meet Hayden and me in Seattle on Thursday, June 7.

On June 8 we crossed the Canadian border and immediately began trying to adjust to life in a new country. We couldn't get our items that we'd brought with us until the following Monday, June 11.

Our first intern, Wilson, was here for the summer before we even arrived, and our other two interns, Christopher and Shannon, arrived about 3 weeks later. That began a rapid-fire 3 months of learning new people, our community, and different cultures. Our lifestyle, while somewhat similar to America, was vastly different, if that makes any sense!

In late August, my parents came for their first visit. Early September meant that we finally had to learn what it was like to be missionaries as a family of three as our interns had returned home. Hayden and I continued to find ways to plug into the community and meet families. Mo came back for a visit in October. David continued coaching 12-13 YO football and his team made it to the play-offs in November.

November brought our first family vacation and a trip to MS for Thanksgiving. Exactly one week before Christmas brought a heavy snow (very heavy to us!) and Hayden's first experience with the powder and snow ice cream. Christmas was spent quietly at home with no big parties or family gatherings. So odd.

We've faced many challenges this year. David and I have learned how to stand on our own two (or should that be four?) feet. Our faith has been stretched and pushed. We've grown. I've shed tears. I've had many joys. I do miss teaching, but I greatly appreciate that people have told us we've been a blessing to them while we've been here. Hayden has had a tough time but loves having parks so close to our home . We miss goofy things such as not paying for parking nearly everywhere, Chick-fil-A, tailgaiting, you get the idea. Those things that make the South, well, the South! Vancouver is beautiful...and dark, in many ways. We've learned that sometimes what we think is our purpose is not always. God has a funny sense of humor.

As I sit typing this on New Year's Eve, I glance out the window at falling snow. Insane. I'm so used to wearing shorts (okay, maybe pants and short sleeves) this time of year. I love wearing sweaters and scarves. I love needing my fireplace more than approximately 8 times during winter. But let's be honest, I miss many things about America, too. I do not know exactly what God has in store for 2013. Sure, I want to lose weight, be happier, blah, blah, blah. But more than anything, I want to be in the center of God's will no matter what. I have to accept that I may not know what the next month brings. I'm doing well to make it through today and that's okay. He has seen us through nearly seven months in Canada; surely I can trust Him with today. He's never let me down. I pray 2013 not only moves me closer to my Father, but a bit closer to those dreams I keep locked in my heart. Happy New Year!