Shannon Falls, August 2012

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It's amazing how the simple word "home" has so many different meanings. Canada has never truly felt like home---nothing about it. Journeying across the border into WA (a state so different from MS) feels amazingly more normal than our everyday lives here in British Columbia. Maybe it's seeing MPH on the speed limit signs instead of KM/H; maybe it's knowing McD's and Wendy's have true dollar menus instead of $1.39 or $1.89 options; maybe it's seeing clearance prices at discount stores that are under $10-15 instead of seemingly stopping at $25 (how is that clearance?!). I know those are silly examples, but today my heart is just overwhelmed.

Hayden hates living here. That affects how I feel about it, even though I've tried to be very positive and find as many outlets as possible for us to meet families. The rain really does mess with your mind. I'm not depressed, but with it being dark so much of the day, it is hard to get motivated. Finding a job here is nearly impossible (unless we immigrate, and we're not). Honestly, I miss my house. My home. I miss my big kitchen and Hayden being able to run and jump and us not having to say, "Don't do that! The neighbors are going to complain!"

When we visited MS in November, we went "home." I don't so much miss the actual state as I do family, friends, and knowing where everything is. I have no idea who actually reads this thing, and I haven't updated much over the past few months because there are certain things we really didn't need to share with the entire world.

This year is going to be crazy; no doubt about it. We're not exactly sure how some things are going to play out right now. We have MANY decisions to make. 2012 was a year of growth and change and 2013 looks to be the same. There are things I can't share right now and there are things that will never make it to Facebook. I just needed to write. Ever feel that way? Right now, I'd love nothing more than to disappear for a weekend with David, but it's okay. I wish we knew everything God was going to do, but He surely has a sense of humor!


Breanna Wickberg said...

great post! First blog of yours I have read, and it really got me thinking. How much home really means to me. I live in Washington State. Has been my home for 20 years... I love it so much. Thank you for bringing the word home to my mind today. :) have a great day.