Shannon Falls, August 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snow Day and New Holiday Traditions

I have been waiting for a day like today since we arrived: snow, fireplace, winter wonderland fun, Christmas movies, and snow ice cream. It was just a pleasant cold and then toasty day. Here are some photos to recap new traditions we've started and the adventures we've enjoyed during the Christmas season in a climate not marked by warm holidays.
 Hayden's gingerbread house from Sunday, December 16, 2012 at The Crossings in downtown Van.

 Reindeer food! Highly important for Christmas Eve.
 Our first live family Christmas tree. It smells fabulous in our living room.
 Selecting the perfect tree. (Pictures a bit out of order. Sorry!)
 Enjoying what we thought was a cold day; if we had only known what exactly one week before Christmas would bring!
 Thought these blue lights looked great while the snow fell.
 Surrounding buildings with freshly fallen snow that was still dropping.

 More buildings surrounding our clubhouse.
 Evergreens with a dusting of snow. Perfecto!
 Hayden's first snowball just outside our building.
 One happy kid.
 He has been asking since fall begin for snow so he could make a snow angel. Wish fulfilled.
 Houses across the street. Just looked awesome to wake up to this.
We ended this day with yummy snow ice cream. Shared the idea with people who have lived with snow nearly their entire lives. How have they not done this?!