Shannon Falls, August 2012

Monday, September 19, 2011

You Can Have Me

David and I will never live the "American Dream." We're completely fine with that. Wait a minute, I'm sure everyone reading this blog is like, "What?! You have a home, you have a husband and son (future linbacker!), you have a JOB, you have the dog," etc. But we're called to more. And hopefully we're getting a little closer to revealing what that more is for our family.

We know most people, especially family, are not going to understand when we tell them. Oh well. We can either STEP FORTH (hence the title of this blog) or we can be disobedient. I'm not so keen on the latter!

I was sent this video today. This is how we feel as a family: He can have us. It's going to mean leaving a lot. It's going to mean upheavel and change. It's going to mean a huge step of faith. But...He can have us, all of us. (Go to the link below and watch this video. Seriously. Do yourself a favor.)