Shannon Falls, August 2012

Monday, September 5, 2011


Having a long weekend with my boys has been wonderful, yet having so much time to think now that the house is clean, chores are caught up, and everything is ready for the week is not good for me. My head is spinning with all the possibilities of the next year to two. Shoot, I'm stressing about the next 6 months!

We are waiting on some answers that will help steer our next few months-year. I know it will all fall into place and God knows the direction we need to go, but there are going to be big changes. For those of you that know me, change is not something that comes easily to me. Once I adapt I'm fine, but until then, it's very difficult. I have quite a few improvements to make to myself, my surroundings, and my personal life as we prepare for the months ahead.

I worry about Hayden and how he'll adjust, but I've been closely watching him the past month or so. He goes with the flow. He's so smart. He has such a tender heart. He's hysterical. As long as we do everything as a family (and we are), he'll be fine. And he's going to probably be my constant companion as we meet new people and places.

I can't wait to divulge where our lives are taking us. While we have a general idea, I'm only positive about today at this point! Well, that and the fact that I'm under contract until May. Please be in prayer for us as we take giant leaps of faith. I'll admit-I'm worried. Because we're leaving what's comfortable and familiar. But it's all for the best. Here's to a future of His leading!