Shannon Falls, August 2012

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Bat

As David and I were wrapping up dinner tonight (yes, we ate in front of the tv tonight; it had been one of those days), a creature miraculously appeared in our living room: a bat. Yep, a bat. It flew around the perimeter of the room repeatedly and even ran into the fans. David and I hightailed it out of the room. I would have made a third door had my husband moved any slower.

While the bat was very little, it was still a bat. One good whack into the fan blade and it hit the floor. I had to go up to my mom's and get the hand-held "picker-upper" she used when she had back surgery and couldn't bend. David, my heroic husband, removed the stunned, but still alive, bat from our living room floor and shoved it threw a window I opened. We can only guess that it entered via the AC closet.

So we have now had 2 creatures in our home I never hope to see again: a bat and a snake. While both were small, they were still animals not meant to be in our home! And thankfully, Hayden was already in bed tonight. I would have taken pictures, but I was just so ready to get the blasted thing out, I vetoed that idea.


Lisa Eirene said...

Oh no! Poor little guy. :(