Shannon Falls, August 2012

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Audubon Zoo

Hayden had his first zoo experience yesterday. We had a late breakfast, then he slept on the drive to New Orleans, which made the day very pleasant. It was quite warm but not unbearably hot like it will be this summer. He definitely let us know when it was time to stop for lunch/break and then we quickly finished the animal viewing so Hayden could play while our friends took their time. Thank goodness for playgrounds! It refreshed Hayden and tired him out---wonderful!

He was able to touch a guinea pig and a turtle, but if I remember correctly, he refrained from experiencing the goat, sheep, and donkey. Maybe he did touch the goat. We did so much! He loved seeing the animals up close. We especially laughed when we saw the tigers because Hayden immediately said, "Boo!" with a thumbs down. David's been teaching him that so come football season he came boo LSU, Auburn, and Clemson, specifically. I'm sure we'll have all new words and signs for Florida, TN, and every other school Alabama plays! Anyway, here are some photos.

Oh, and we met a family that is interviewing to be on "Swamp People." If you saw my Facebook pics, I said that they definitely fit the stereotype. Interesting!