Shannon Falls, August 2012

Friday, November 6, 2009

I Forget

With all the worrying and stressing I do about finances, I tend to forget how blessed my little family is. I'm sure that sounds so cliche, but true, nonetheless.

Today I heard about the homelife of a student and I honestly, truly teared up. My son goes to bed every night with a full belly. Even if I don't want what is in my pantry, I have food. I'm not even close to doing without. But I have students who are--daily. School is their only escape, and for many, the only place they get to eat. Awful.

It's not just food they deal with either: drugs, abuse, etc. I know it happens, but I see more cases of this type of thing than last year. It breaks my heart. Why do people reproduce if they're not going to properly care for their children? Guess that's an age-old question, and one that's not likely to change anytime soon. Oh, it breaks my heart. If I had $15 bucks in my pocket and nothing else, and both Hayden and I needed food, I'd go hungry in a heartbeat. No question. He's more important. Always will be.

I want the safest environment possible for me, David, and Hayden (and whatever future children we have). Whatever it takes to accomplish that I'll do. I wish more parents were willing to do the same.

On a positive note, for all the bad this post has been about, I do have those few parents who go above and beyond, so sorry to be uber-negative. It's just trend to focus on the bad more than the good. I need to do something to reward those classes/students who deserve to be rewarded. Those students don't get praised often enough.