Shannon Falls, August 2012

Monday, September 21, 2009

What a Monday

My Monday?

Classes that are normally great were horrendous.

Hayden slept very little last night. My longest stretch of "rest" was 2 hours.

I was supposed to have the WINGS teacher come give a presentation each period, so I planned for that. She only made one class. I had to scramble to fill the 30 minutes she was supposed to take.

We had 2 fights: one at break, one in the boys' bathroom.

I was repeatedly handed more paperwork or had meetings scheduled without my input. Meetings=no planning period. And I can only stay so late after school because our sitter has another part-time job.

I nearly chained a boy to a desk just to keep him seated! It blew his mind.

Our 2 behavior-issue kids were finally both at school. Joy. Imagine what you will about them. It's probably true (sadly and unfortunately).

Another male student told a male teacher he was something really bad. I won't dare repeat it.

Yet another male student brought beer to school and got caught. Because he bragged. And has apparently done it before. Heeeeellllll-ooooooo! Yeah, and I had just bragged on him at lunch. Heavy sigh.

Kids whined all day long. Not that that was much of a change.

What else? Oh, my gradebook program decided to become possessed and wouldn't work.

The internet on my laptop will not stay connected so I can't use it as a resource...for anything.

Planning to be out for 2 days in a training workshop on thinking maps; not looking forward to the stacks of paper that will await my return.

I'm missing something, but I think you get the idea of how my day went. If it was possible, I'd be in bed now. Maybe Hayden will go down easily tonight and stay asleep---for a few hours. He wakes, not wanting to eat, but he just stirs and then gets himself worked up. Not sure how to get him to stay asleep; I think it's just one of those things. He's made so much progress and continually grows by leaps and bounds. This too shall pass, and one day I know I'll miss these nights. He's become quite the cuddler and will hug me around the neck--esp. if he's overstimulated or tired. I couldn't imagine life without him. He watches tv only if music videos (esp. Sunday mornings on Gospel Music Channel) or football is on. I'm honestly not kidding. He holds his own bottle and can play in his exersaucer. He would almost rather put himself to sleep now and can't stay to be lying down now that he's working on mastering sitting up and rolling completely over. His two front bottom teeth are in and he's thinning up. He's incredibly strong. I could go on and on.

Best part of my day? Coming home earlier than normal to my almost 5 month old, though he's been asleep for 2 hours--since before I got home. I've had 2 hours of "me" time--checked my email, worked on a meal list (we're trying to plan for about a month at a time and grocery shop that way--save time and money), got supper started, and looked forward to my wonderful husband coming home. The sleeping baby is beginning to stir. I need Hayden time!