Shannon Falls, August 2012

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I'm having one of those days where I feel simply ugly. I hate my body, my hair, my breaking out face, etc. And unfortunately, I don't want to do anything to fix my perception of myself at this moment.

Maybe some AL football in about an hour will cheer me up.


Amy said...

Sorry you're having one of those days... Been there myself on quite a number of occasions... "This too shall pass"! You're an awesome wife, mommy, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, etc. etc. etc. Here's hoping for a brighter tomorrow for ya'! :o)

wcrowder said...

I feel ya! And I'm afraid mine is going to get worse before it gets better. :) I know this is an area Satan knows I'm weak in, so I have to just give it to the Lord in prayer & realize that he still has something for me to do whether my hair is stringy & has tons of split ends, whether my clothes are fitting or not, and/or whether my face is "clear" or the worst it's been... I'll be praying that the Lord gives you some joy, and that maybe you can work in some time to relax too. :) Remember you ARE a VERY BEAUTIFUL girl!! You are a great mom & wife, and an awesome (ex)secretary too!! :) Hope today is a better day!

wcrowder said...

and when I say "secretary" I mean the BRAINS of that old office! :) Emily has followed you quite well. :)