Shannon Falls, August 2012

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Open House

The most refreshing thing I heard tonight at Open House? Mom: "So? How is he?" Me: "Well, we seem to have some issues staying in our seat." Mom nods, but I hear dad in the background to ___________, "Son, do you need a reason NOT to be able to stay in your seat?" Thank you, dad.

Another mom: "How's he doing?" As I struggle to find something positive to start our conversation with, she asks, "Give me the truth, please." Open Pandora's Box.

Different note: Hayden giggled at me this morning as I entered the room to tell him goodbye. Best sound in the world to exit by.


Amy said...

Aren't baby giggles just the BEST?? :o) And yes, contrary to what it may often seem, there ARE parents out there who TRULY care about their children and EXPECT them to behave appropriately. YAY for that Dad! :o)