Shannon Falls, August 2012

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who's the BOSS?

Well, if you took a poll in our household, Hayden would tell you that he is! But guess what? He's slowly learning that he's not. Having 3 full months with my son probably made me put off doing some things with him that I should have started much earlier. But I love that he's a cuddler and likes to snuggle close. Most of all, I love that he needs me. So I didn't bother to be firm about him putting himself to sleep and such things. Don't get me wrong--we have a routine and I don't hold him all day long, etc., but we have had to start some tough love with Hayden: we're letting him cry it out at night. I make sure he's full, not hurting because he's teething, and that he's dry when he goes down to bed. It takes roughly 40 minutes right now and numerous visits from me for him to put himself to sleep, but he can do it! I soothe him, but I do not pick him up. He simply wants to be held. I know his cries--which ones are "I'm hurting," which ones are "I'm mad," and which ones are "I need mom!" If we start bedtime between 7-7:30, he's down between 8:30-9. I hope I didn't just jinx myself! It's a slow process, and as much as it pains me to hear him cry, it could definitely be much worse. But I MUST have sleep this year and he has to learn. Once he's down, Hayden will sleep usually until midnight, then to either 3 or 4. I'm usually then up for the day at that point unless he'll go back to sleep. I try to get as much sleep until 5 as I can because my days are non-stop. I hardly have time to breathe this year. Things are starting to get into a routine, but it will be helpful when they're even more structured. Kara is doing great with him and she's really working to love him without letting him get too attached. I told you--I have this fear that he'll prefer his caregiver to me because he spends all day with her. Kara understands that and make sure he's well taken care of without becoming his world. I'm so grateful she's able to watch Hayden!

So my son is the boss yet he's not the boss. Make sense? Yes, his schedule runs our household in a sense, but he does not control it. Anyway, Hayden's just so dang cute that it takes all my willpower not to give in much of the time!