Shannon Falls, August 2012

Saturday, August 22, 2009

BACK to sleep?

Okay, so we may have finally solved the Hayden sleep crisis. Last night I fed him and rocked him then layed him down, just like his normal routine. He was immediately awake, as he is most nights, and then started his fussing. We've been letting him cry it out, trying to teach him to go to sleep on his own. So I waited my time, went in, soothed him, talked to him, sang, etc. This went on for an hour and a half. I was in the bedroom listening to Hayden and was about to go just feed him again and see if that helped when suddenly the baby monitor flashed red and I heard nothing. I didn't realize David had gone in to give me a break and turned the monitor off. I peeked in the nursery and found David rocking him. I left, unsure how Hayden would respond because he usually will only let me put him down. Finally, David came out of the nursery and said, "I think I've figured it out." I waited. "I don't think he likes sleeping on his back." All David did differently was put Hayden on his side, prop him with his pillow, and the kid was out. Huh.

I don't know if lying on his back upsets his acid reflux or the pressure hurts his gums or what, but it worked. He was out from right at 10 until 2:25, back asleep (really asleep) by 2:38, and slept until 5:50. AMAZING. I'm almost so anxious for bed tonight to see if this is the answer! If so, why, oh why, could we not have figured this out 3+ months ago? That's right because babies do not come with their own manual and every website, professional/specialist, baby book, etc., says to put babies on their backs. You know, the whole BACK to sleep campaign? Well, Hayden is our offspring and neither David nor I sleep on our backs. Guess the kiddo is the same way! I just really hope this is what has been keeping him from sleeping. Maybe, just maybe, we'll be on the way to a full night's sleep in the near future.


Amanda said...

Jamie, Davis would never sleep on his back. Every time we put him on his back he would wake up and scream.........very frustrating! One day I laid him on his stomach just to see, and it was amazing how well he slept. I am sure "research" says it is safer, but he has always slept on his stomach and done fine; we all did!! I worried about it a little at first, but realized he was going to be fine, especially since he could move his head from side to side. Hope that is the solution to your sleep problems! He is such a cutie!!

Amy said...

Hopefully you have found the solution! :o) Both Robbie and Evan have been stomach sleepers since very early on. And I think they're turning out JUST FINE so far... Keep up the good work! Hayden is so lucky to have you and David as his parents... Here's hoping for a full night's sleep at the Ainsworth house!!

Jamie Ainsworth said...

We started out with him on his side, but I can't recall why or when we stopped. Neither of us like to sleep on our backs. So far tonight he's been out for over 1/2 an hour; let's see if he stays out! He is teething, so that isn't helping, but we were steadily regressing. And here I am on the internet instead of asleep. Night!