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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sweet Potatoes!

A few pictures of Hayden enjoying one of his new favorite foods: sweet potatoes! (Okay, so it's the only food other than breastmilk he's had, but still, he LOVES them!)

First attempt at solids, Sunday evening, July 19, 2009. Did super with the spoon.

Daddy feeding Hayden sweet potatoes for the first time, Wed., July 22, 2009. First time in his high chair. Loved the seat, hated the seat tray! Sent him into a tailspin when David tried to put it on.
Enjoying supper!

Checking out Daddy and enjoying the conversation about the dog we're getting. (I'll blog about that another time!)


Amy said...

YAY for Hayden and Sweet Potatoes!!! Jamie, you are doing a fantastic job at keeping us updated... Love it! Wish I could be half as diligent... :o)

tpillstrom said...

Awe! He looks so sweet and is such a big boy eating his dinner!

Jamie Ainsworth said...

We'll see how diligent I am once school starts! And yes, he's so big!

Chas Ray said...

Wow sweet potatoes and a dog!! =) man he's growing.