Shannon Falls, August 2012

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Grand and the Peas

David got sent to a "networking" type shindig this weekend at The Grand Hotel in Fairhope, AL. We're talking rooms that start at like $300 a night, and we didn't pay a cent for anything! Our room itself wasn't anything grand (pardon the pun), but the grounds were ah-stinking-mazing. We unfortunately didn't get to partake of the pool because of a wedding vow renewal ceremony David was in for his brother Saturday. So here's how our weekend went:

David: work
Me: work in classroom; then come home to visit with his mom (who stayed at our house while we were gone), finish packing, and get the kiddo ready.

Then we headed to the rehearsal which ran late; thus we were late getting to the hotel. David had a meet-and-greet he needed to attend, but he was fashionably late. Hayden and I actually got to go with him and partake of some fantastic food. The dessert table would have blown your socks off. So then we headed back to the room with a sleepy baby and slept.

Slept in some, then booked it back to the Coast for David to get ready for pictures. Had the wedding, which also started late. David needed to be at a meeting at 5, but we didn't get back to the resort until 6:15! Then we had a wonderful "upscale" barbecue on one of the piers. Hayden loved the wind and the water. That's when we tried peas for the first time. I wished I had captured his face on film. The boy loves sweet potatoes, but definitely not peas! So we used only old faithful that night for supper. We'll try peas again another time. Supper was fantastic; there were also 2 weddings taking place. I don't even want to know what a wedding at The Grand costs! Let's see: Hayden started getting fussy just as we finished eating, so to let David work his magic with the other guys, the kiddo and I took a stroll back to the room.

The grounds are just so inviting and intimate. We definitely want to go back when we can go just the 2 of us. Hayden loved all of the new sights and sounds though. There's an agenda for every day: they were even showing a movie in the pool Saturday night! Check this place out:

Go if you ever get the chance! I took a few pictures that I'll have to put up sometime. It was just so great to get a mini-vacation before school starts and not cost us anything!