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Sunday, June 28, 2009

In Hayden's Words...

Hello, all! Hayden here again. Today was my first day in the nursery at church. Mommy and daddy waited until I had my 2 month shots before leaving me. I had a pretty good time; the ladies learned just how long it takes for me to eat a bottle. That's because I just enjoy mommy so much more! Here's a picture of me on my way to church. I love going places!

Here's what else I've been up to lately: keeping mommy up! Well, sorta, that is. I sleep very well from about 8:30-11:30 or midnight. Then I'm up and down until about 3, then it's lights out til usually 5:15. I'm just trying to help mommy get ready for going back to school when she'll have to get up very early! Mommy and daddy have tried everything to help get me to sleep longer or to push my bedtime back, but I get VERY fussy about 7 and can hardly keep my eyes open! But I sure do love my bed! Mommy puts me into this swaddle contraption that's green, and then sure enough, she calls me her little green bean! Yuck! Who wants to be a green bean? I don't even know yet if I like green beans! Or vegetables in general! (Be on the lookout--she might just post a picture of it sometime!)

Daddy also doesn't always shave everyday. I HATE when he kisses me with that scruffy stuff! I let him know right away how I feel about it. He always laughs, though, when I protest!
I've almost mastered the giggle. Boy, you should see the silly stuff my parents do to get me to smile and giggle. I like to laugh when they least expect it! It always catches them off guard! Sometimes it sounds like I say "ow" and "momma," too. And of course, I have "ah-goo" down pat!

My little legs never stop moving. I'm surprised mommy doesn't have bruises from me! I'm also getting so long, I nearly hang off my carseat already. Maybe they should put a brick on my head!

Oh, my favoritest place to sleep ever is on my stomach on mommy's chest with my hands tucked under my face. I usually snuggle in as close as I can and push up until my head is in her neck. I can never get high enough! Sometimes Mommy can't breathe because I've pushed up so far into her throat. Don't tell anyone, but she absolutely loves it! When I'm all stretched out, my feet rest past her waist in this position. But I love it because I can hear her heartbeat and I know all is right in the world.

Next feat? Rolling over, I suppose! I can support myself on my legs already somewhat (yes, I'm strong! [and modest!]) and I love the mirror! But what baby doesn't?


The Haines said...

I can't believe he is 2 months already! Such a cutie pie.