Shannon Falls, August 2012

Friday, June 5, 2009

Guard Kitty

The ferocious Tyrone!

David has been bugging me about getting a dog. According to him, every boy needs a dog. Right now I think we have all we can handle with Tyrone. Yesterday and today I spent some time at the county office doing work on curriculum pacing guides and district assessments. My mom kept Hayden yesterday, but today a sweet girl from church, Lindsey Parker, kept him for us. Unfortunately, Tyrone is very territorial and doesn't like new guests in our (her) house. Lindsey came by last night to go over some things before she got here at 8 this morning. Things were fine then. Not so this morning while we were gone. Lindsey texted David who then called my mom and our friend Mo because Tyrone had positioned herself between Lindsey and Hayden. Ty was hissing and blocking Lindsey from picking him up. I found this touching because Tyrone wants nothing really to do with Hayden, but darn it if she'll let someone she doesn't know touch him! My mom and Mo both came (David wasn't sure who could make it first to help so he called both), and Tyrone had to be locked in the bathroom. I received all of this via text! Thus, I texted David that we don't need a dog, we have a guard kitty!


Amy said...

I hope Tyrone didn't scare Lindsey too bad to where she won't babysit anymore... By the way, I ran into a friend from high school in WalMart today, and found out she teaches English at St. Martin with you... Her name is Kirsten Ortego. Everyday, I am finding out what a small world it is. I mean, the coast is not that big, but you never know who you know that knows somebody else you know.... :o) Hugs and Kisses to Hayden!!!