Shannon Falls, August 2012

Monday, April 13, 2009


So my fellow co-workers have "assured" me Hayden will be here before the week is out! We'll see how true that is. If they're correct, I have MUCH to do school-wise before giving birth! Yikes!!

Hayden is steadily dropping a little each day; it's funny to watch him getting lower and lower. He's still pretty active and making it hard for me to breathe, but he's definitely not as high. Now I just have to get my principal on the bandwagon and get things taken care of. It was very difficult to go back to work today; another female teacher who had a baby in November asked why I didn't just go ahead and get my dr. to write me an excuse to just be out the rest of the year. 1. I need to work every day I can. 2. Nothing is ready for me to be out!

If I was a bettin' woman, it would be interesting to see who actually won the pool for Hayden's birthday! Mommy. WOW.


Anna said...

Statistically speaking, it seems most first-time mommies deliver late not early. When it all comes down to it, you'll deliver when he is ready to come. I wish you the best delivery possible!

Heather said...

I didn't start dilating with Mattie Leigh until a few days before she was born. I was induced at 39 weeks but found out after being induced that I was already having regular contractions (I didn't feel them though). The fact that you're already over 3 cm may mean that you're going to deliver early, but I say no earlier than around next weekend.