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Friday, February 27, 2009

Who? ME?

Does no one have to take responsibility for his actions anymore? Let me tell you about my day. My students had a project due today that they've known about for 6 weeks called an Alphabetical Autobiography: an assignment all about them! Because they had so long to complete this project and had class time, I counted it worth 2 test grades. Yes, 2. Oh, but wait, that's right...less than half of each class turned it in! What are you thinking?! I have talked about this assignment every day, had it posted on the board, and reprinted the instructions twice. But no, I've apparently not made sure every student knew about the project. I even had one student tell me that he just found out about it yesterday. Umm, hello?! I pointed to the board and told him it had been up there for weeks. He politely responded that he doesn't read the board. Well, duh! Another female student told me that since she didn't get the assignment until a week after everyone else, she should get another week to complete it. NOT! She missed it because of her own absences! It's her responsibility to get her assignments. The whole day just irked me. And when parents check their child's grades, I'm going to get nasty emails and phone calls. BRING IT ON!! Have you ever encountered a tired, 7 month pregnant woman? Conflict doesn't seem to bother me so much anymore right now. I would love to explain to parents that their child has known about this project for 6 weeks, had class time, and still chosen not to do it. I gave time every day last week for students to work on their ABC Autobio. Most decided to waste that opportunity, claiming they would complete it over the break. Didn't happen. Not my problem. I'm doing my job. Do yours, child! Ugh.

The reason I asked if no one has to take responsibility is because I started thinking about this whole issue on a grander scale. For example, octo-mom. I don't want to go into too many details on this because I'm sure we all have our opinion, but you can guess what I'm thinking. 14 kids. Really? Single mom. Really? Providing and paying for them? Not going to happen by her. Anyways.


Chas Ray said...

I watched her interview on Dr.Phil she's outta it. I'm sorry that you're having such a hard time, it's the kids fault but look at the parents who defend them.:) keep thinking Maternity leave

Amy said...

Keep up the good work, Jamie! You're a great teacher! Reading your post took me back to my teaching days... It definitely seems like the kids think it's NEVER their fault. If they would take just half of their "excuse making" time and actually use that time for work, they could be stellar students. But oh, no! W-O-R-K is a four letter word!!!
As for "Octomom": I believe children are a gift from God, and that God doesn't make mistakes. However, He gives us the common sense (most of us anyway) to know when enough is enough...