Shannon Falls, August 2012

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No clean is ever clean!

Guys just don't get this. Especially my husband. We have two completely different ideas of clean. And that's okay, but he doesn't understand how I can just "see" the dirt or something else that needs to be done. We are out of school for 3 days for Mardi Gras break, so I was determined to clean my filthy house during this vacation. I started yesterday, then went to lunch and a movie with my mom. My 3rd trimester is slowing things waaaaayyyy down (and yes, I know that will only get worse). Plus, I just keep finding other areas to clean or organize. I thus far have gotten to just about everything I wanted to do except for wiping/bleaching the windowsills and door frames, cleaning the doors (some of them just have a light coating of dust on the inset squares and I hate dust!), Magic Erasering the lightswitch plates, and Windexing all the windows. David is going to hate me in April when I have him cleaning this or redoing that, and we're just talkinga bout the inside! Oh well. Bring on the nesting!


Anna said...

I nested like crazy too... which resulted in Bryan constantly making fun of me. I just wanted everything to be perfect for Abby's arrival. I can relate!

Chas Ray said...

That's nesting for you!! My house was NEVER as clean as it was when I was pregnant with Austin. That was quite a list you had there just be sure to take it easy.