Shannon Falls, August 2012

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Flat Orange Nehi

Yeah. So today I had my montly drs. appt. and I had to drink that lovely orange glucose drink. I was told it would taste just like a flat orange Nehi. Yum. Not so much. But everything with my bloodwork came back normal, and Hayden is growing like a weed! His heartbeat is strong at 146. And I only gained 3 pounds this month! This is amazing! Oh, and my belly grew 6 inches. I can't wait to meet our linebacker!

This last trimester is starting to hit a little hard; I'm exhausted. It just seems like there aren't enough hours in the day, and that's only going to get worse!


Heather said...

those drinks are awful...mine was supposed to be lemon-lime but it was more like chalk. i'm glad hayden is growing well and that you're doing well with your weight gain. keep me updated on when your showers are...i really want to try to come, but i'll definitely send something if i can't.

Anna said...

All of my relatives teased me after Abby's delivery, because I was buzzing around the house cleaning days after we came home. I was so excited that I wasn't as tired as I had been the whole 3rd trimester- I finally had energy again.

Chas Ray said...

Girl! I could've warned you. I HATE that drink. At least yours was orange I got one that was suppose to taste like Sprite. Yeah Right!!! I'm glad to hear Hayden is doing well. We can't wait to meet him!