Shannon Falls, August 2012

Monday, December 22, 2008

Heat Wave in December (not what you'd think!)

Well, it finally happened. Tyrone has gone into heat (leaving no doubt she's a she!). At first we couldn't figure out what was wrong with her (she wasn't doing the usual stuff I'd heard). So thank goodness for the internet. David started researching, and sure enough, that's what it was! Now on our agenda for the break is a visit to the humane society because we're not going through this every 2-3 weeks! Bless her heart, she looks like she's in pain (all dirty jokes aside, folks), but the internet assures us she's not. Still, we're going to take care of her. We've just been putting it off. No longer!

*I can't believe she's no longer that little! Tyrone's still just as cute. I'll have to get recent pictures up. She hasn't been too bad with the tree, and she loves to laze underneath it. Merry Christmas week, all!