Shannon Falls, August 2012

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas in south MS=HOT (always)

This year we had a rather low-key Christmas (and a hot one! It's been 75 degrees, and it's not changing any time soon!). My folks went out to CA to spend the holiday with my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. David is so funny; he just can't resist giving me present early. Christmas morning was calm, then we had lunch with the Olszewski's (pronounce Ole-chef-ski; fun, huh?). Then we headed to Mobile to see his mom and the rest of the Ainsworth crew. We got home about 8 and crashed not long after. We had the Young side gettogether on the 26th, but we won't do the Holloway family Christmas until Jan. 3 (because of work schedules and such). I wanted to post some pics from our Christmas. David got me lots of little items to help me relax and I got him stuff he had mentioned off and on he'd like to have.

David's big gift was his Bama room; he has all this great stuff that I've kept him from putting up, so I framed his magazines and got a shelf and put all his knick-knacks up/around the office.

My gift was this table, mirror, and lamp combo for our entry. I love it! David also got me the pregnancy Willow Tree angel, and his mom got us the family with the newborn figure.

My parents got me more parts to my Willow Tree nativity set. It looks so good on our mantle!

I finally framed our wedding invitation. Erin says I'm nesting already; I must be because I'm playing with decorative stuff all over the house! Curtains, towels, pictures, etc. I can't wait to get Hayden's nursery done. Ugh, but we need EVERYTHING! It has me stressed!