Shannon Falls, August 2012

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baby oh baby

Okay, so honestly, I would doubt I were pregnant if I didn't see Hayden each month on the monitor at the drs. office. Why, you ask? Well, no cravings, no sickness, no "normal" pregnancy symptoms. David repeatedly asks me when I'm going to get cravings and send him out for stuff. Seriously?? You want me wake you up in the middle of the night, husband? And send you out for random food? Ummm, yeah right. I've honestly not just ached (yet) for something specific. If/when I do, anything salty usually cures it. Sweets are great, but I'd rather have something salty. But that's the extent of my 'craving'.

My back hurts some, but not too terribly. My energy is better, so I appreciate that boost. And well, other than random RANDOM dreams (like appearing on game shows), nothing is too out of the ordinary. Oh, and besides going to the bathroom ALL the time, I would really wonder if Hayden was going to be here in about 5 months. But I can't wait for Pee-Wee football and other sports seasons and having to learn about action figures and boy cartoons and all that fun stuff!


Anna said...

I'm skeptical over the whole craving thing... never really happened to me. Hate to prep you for the inevitable but your back will hurt by the end of your 3rd trimester. Enjoy comfort while it lasts! Each stage is a blessing- just different... every day brings you closer to having your little one in your arms.

Heather said...

I only had one 'real' was for jr. cheeseburgers from sonic. Other than that, I was like you and just wanted something salty. You should begin to feel him move soon...and then you'll be more ready than ever for him to get here.

The Haines said...

I dont wanna hear it!! I've been deathly ill for over 2 months and can't take anymore!
I'm glad you aren't experiencing what I have though. I wouldnt wish it on anyone. We can't wait to see little Hayden when he finally arrives!