Shannon Falls, August 2012

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I'm home. Finally, I'm home. I shouldn't say that with such relief because camp was a blessing. Last Sunday night I was dreading leaving Monday morning: I have lesson plans to do, my own mindset to get in order, and just piddling things that need to be taken care of. But God knew what he was doing when David "volunteered" me to go with the junior high students to Fuge at MC. I had a pretty decent relationship with the 8th graders-to-be already, but doors really opened for me to connect with the freshmen ladies I'll be teaching this fall. Thursday afternoon I treated my future Sunday School girls to smoothies and coffee drinks at the campus coffee shop/deli called Jazzman's. We had a wonderful time; I tend to play a sort of 20 questions game with people I don't know. And things got interesting with our questions! There were only 4 freshmen on this trip but they are very different from each other. I had 2 cheerleader-dressed-to-the-hilt young ladies, 1 athlete, and another who keeps to herself but occasionally surprises you. Very interesting combination. But in our hour+ together we interacted, learned about one another, and found connections. It was simply awesome! I had a purpose, I have a purpose, and that is to invest in these young women's lives. I saw myself in my athletic student. She is very much the way I was at her age. This girl is absolutely beautiful but apparently doesn't think she's pretty. I believe she already knocks guys off their feet and she doesn't know it, but I also think she'll be the girl who gets asked to a school dance, such as the jr. prom, and her date will arrive at the door and she'll make him faint. This student and I really bonded. I'm very excited about teaching, both school and Sunday School. I praise God for how He reminded me of Who He is this week; I very much needed a refresher. I do know that I'm not cut out for campus living or cafeteria food anymore!

Ty is very happy to have me home and to be at home herself. My parents and sister graciously watched her this week while I was gone. However, she apparently only hissed and was mean...until Thursday, that is! She got shut in the bathroom on accident all day and when she was released she was a different kitty! But now she is happily curled up on my shoulders, purring her little heart out. She went tearing through the house checking it out, happy to be home, and must have forgotten she couldn't stop on the wood floors. Suddenly I hear scratching feet and a bump as she nails the wall. Oh, it's good to be home! David will fly into Memphis in the morning and then drive immediately home. I can't wait to be with my husband! And on Monday, let the craziness that is a new school year begin!